Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 15 minutes of fame

So it's finally over. What you ask...The scene I did with the community theatre-Five Girls Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball. (only it was just 3 girls wearing the same dress) It was a lot of fun. Each scene was about 15 minutes long. This was my first time on stage and I was a little nervous but as soon as I walked on stage (crazy bridesmaid hat and all) the nerves subsided. Tonight at Jan Dempsey there were eight scenes by different American playwrights. We were the 7th one...since there were a few adult themes in the play. After ours we were able to breath so we could watch the last one. All in all we remembered our lines and remembered to "break for laughs". I haven't decided if I will be auditioning for The Miracle Worker yet. I have until Monday to decide. But until then it will be my birthday this weekend so I have that to think about and look forward to.

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