Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve

Today is New Year's Eve. I had to work Monday and Tuesday and a 1/2 day today. Later we are going to eat with some friends at the Olive Garden. Not sure what we will do after that. This year has gone by so fast. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas and Marley and Me

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. Mine was great. I enjoyed the week off of work and spending time with family. It was a busy week. Christmas Eve, Lee and I went to Selma to see his parents. After Christmas lunch, we came back and had Christmas dinner at our house with my parents and sister. Friday, we went to my stepdad's parents in Notasulga....and finally we are relaxing a little. Saturday, I helped my sister move to Birmingham. It was sad and there were tears (esp. from my mom) but I know she will be fine. I've been crying a lot lately (no I'm not pregnant; people keep asking me that.) I cried last night after the Kirby people left b/c they made fun of my new vacuum cleaner. I cried like a baby at Marley and Me. I went to the bathroom after the movie was over to see that my eyes were blood shot and puffy. The movie theater's napkins did me no good as I shredded about four of them from my tears. Well tomorrow it's back to work...and Monday:(

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I am getting ready to go Selma to see the in-laws tonight. I attempted to make a batch of oreo truffles and just let me say that it didn't work out. The melted chocolate just burned to the bottom of the pan...and the kitchen smells exactly like that. I have the fan on and a candle lit so hopefully the smell will go away. I have finally finished wrapping all of the presents and I am worn out. It seemed like I kept thinking to myself..." oh I need to go pick up one more gift" and it would turn into hours trying to find something. But I am finished; I even started early this year. Oh well...I do love buying gifts. Tonight I am sure we will watch "The Christmas Story" (Lee's mothers favorite movie-last year we got her a puzzle from that movie-remember the leg lamp?) We will eat lunch at Lee's parents house tomorrow and then come home for dinner with my parents. I hope everyone has a safe and merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Since last time

It's been a while since the last blog. Not much has happened since then. I've decorated our house and completed most of my Christmas shopping. This weekend I will be traveling to Birmingham to visit Papa Roach and Grandmother and then to Mimi's on Sunday. I have all of next week off of work. Christmas Eve, Lee and I will head to Selma. Christmas night we will come back and have Christmas with my mom. On another note, my sister got engaged last night! I am so excited for her. Patrick proposed at at The View in Birmingham and of course she said yes. Her ring is so pretty. Tomorrow is Lee's birthday and he thinks he is getting old. He still has one more year before the big 3-0. I made a cheesecake for him and I had to force myself not to eat any of it. Tomorrow night we are going to eat at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. I better stop typing about food. My dinner consisted of a bag of popcorn so I am pretty hungry.