Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turning 30 and on call

So I survived turning 30. It really does feel weird to say that I'm no longer in my 20s. Oh well here's to another decade! I had a great birthday celebrating with family and friends. I got a few giftcards that definitely be of great use. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me. I'm sitting her typing this while I'm on call....i have the beeper this week and the er just paged me to type a report but someone is already typing it. It is kind of frustrating that I'm the one that gets paged but I don't get paid for it if someone else is on the system typing. Oh well. I do get paid for the amt of time I'm on the system waiting for the report to get finished so we can call the er....just not the 2 hours I would have for typing the report. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before she emails me back. I've got a show to watch. I guess that is what DVR is for though.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Work and Turning 30

So you're thinking wow 2 posts in 1 week...Lee has the TV right now watching a baseball game. I was happy that our cable bill did not have the baseball package on it which means our 4 easy payments are finished! Today I had to go into work due to internet problems. Not mine, the hospital's. At 8:30 I decide I'm probably going to have to go into work since I kept getting kicked out of my reports so I jump in the shower and attempt to look presentable and headed to work. There are def some advantages of working in-house as opposed to working from home. I can get a lot more done working in-house b/c you can't access facebook from the hospital (lol) and there's no TV or 2 dogs that would distract you. Secondly, the equipment is a lot more faster. At home, we have a C-phone that you have to dial into and sign off of once you get done with a report and when you are typing the report it doesn't show you how much longer you have. That is one thing I like about going into work....if you have a really long report you know exactly how much longer have you to type it. And then there's the human contact aspect of it. That was one thing I loved about my old job. I made a lot of really good friends working there and being there for 8 hours a day...we had a lot to talk about. On the other hand, I'm supposed to be typing and the other girls that had to come into work today are on P for P or pay for performance which means they get paid by the line and not by the hour. I'm still a Level II so I haven't reaced that yet.

On another note, I guess I'm looking forward to turning 30. A new decade hopefully full of great things. The first 30 have been pretty great so far. I've made a lot of great friends, married a great guy, and have a great job. Things are great! The inlaws sent me a birthday card with $50 in it...woohoo! I guess you're never too old for birthday presents.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekend and Fan Day

We had a pretty good weekend. Lee played golf all weekend. I cleaned house, worked overtime, and went shopping for a baby gift. Saturday night I got stuffed at Olive Garden. It was so yummy! I will be 30 the week after next and this is the 1st time I haven't gotten carded. Lee told me I was getting old. But he is still older than me...only by 8 months though. This afternoon was AU Fan Day at the new Auburn Arena where the basketball games are going to be. It is really nice. Lee wanted to get his aunt an autograph from the AU head coach so we stood in line for about 45 minutes. At least it was not in the heat. The football players were separate from the coach so if you wanted one of their autographs you had to stand in a line that was 3 levels long so we opted for just Gene. He signed our posters, took a picture with us and said War Eagle! The security then scotted us out the door. I'm so excited about football season. I'm glad the 1st game is a night game even though I'm sure it will still be really hot.
Anyway I'm about to go cook our dinner. We are having an Italian Crescent Roll Casserole and I'm sure we'll get out the Mint Chocolate Chip icecream (that was on sale at Kroger) for dessert. On a sad note, I think I might actually have to work at the hospital tomorrow since the at home program is not working. So the pjs might have to get traded for scrubs tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed it starts working tomorrow please!

Here are a few pics from Fan Day:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Latest obsession

I had to work this weekend so I talked Lee into getting us breakfast at McDs.

Look what he came back with!

Yep that's a Caramel Frappe!