Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

Tonight was "Trick or Treat" in Opelika. I bought candy two weeks ago but ended up eating most of it so I had to make a quick run to Winn-Dixie to get more last night. I thought I had bought more than enough but we ran out of candy an hour into it. It was a lot of fun seeing how excited the kids were and how loud they would yell "trick or treat". Our first group of kids came at 6:00 sharp but they didn't ring the door bell. We have glass in our front door so you could see the kids just peeking through. That happened a couple of times. They would just pop up at our door:) One little trick or treater, a fairy, told Lee "twick or tweat" as he opened the door. It was so cute. Alicia, a girl that I used to work with, who I miss very much, brought Chloe "the pirate" by. She was content on just holding on to the pack of Nerds we gave her and didn't care too much about the other candy in her pumpkin. By 7:00 we ran out of candy and had to turn our lights off. The candy went pretty quick this year. Oh well, I didn't need to eat any more anyway. Tomorrow night we might go to the Pumpkin carving put on by the School of Architecture at AU. Then Saturday night, it is the annual clinic Halloween Party. I am going as a Geisha and Lee will be one of my favorite horror movie villans, Jason Voorhees, from Friday the 13th. I am very excited that Friday the 13th-The Remake will be released Friday, Feb 13th. I

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No plans

I didn't do a lot this weekend...and it was wonderful. It seems the past couple of weekends we have either been out of town or had company. It was great to not have a plan for the weekend. Friday night, Lee and I went out to eat at Red Lobster. We haven't been in ages but I have really been craving some of their delicious buscuits. I had the salmon and a baked potato. It was very good. We even got to trade beepers with someone who would have sat down earlier than we did but her group wasn't there yet. We gave her our beeper so she could wait on her friends. It was one of those high tec beepers that I hadn't seen yet. A "lady" would tell you that your table was ready and to return it to the hostess. Saturday, we went shopping at Tiger Town and we ventured over to Kohl's. They were having a big sale and I needed some new couch pillows. They were 60% off so I purchased them. Today, some friends and I went to see Nights in Rodanthe. It was very sad. If you want a good cry, go see it. I just finished eating a homemade pizza Lee made and am about to hand over the computer to Lee so he can sell stuff on e-bay. I guess I will just have to watch one of my recorded lifetime movies. I'm sure I'll manage though.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Selma, Market Day, and Tale Telling

This weekend, Lee and I went to Selma to visit his parents. We haven't seen them since July 4th so we were overdue for a visit. We left Friday after Lee got off work and they had homemade pizza waiting on us! Saturday morning we got up to go to market day in downtown. We met Aunt Eva there. We had a lot of fun. Me and Aunt Eva each bought a purse and she also purchased some really neat artwork from this guy who makes art out of pasta noodles. It looked really cool. After lunch at Grumbles Alley, we left and went back to the inlaws house to eat dinner. It was very good. We had ham, potato casserole, rolls, and lima beans. After dinner, we headed to an auditorium (can't remember the name) to hear Kathryn Tucker Windham and several other story tellers. It was sooo much fun. For those of you who know me, you know I love to hear someone tell stories. I could just listen to them all night. Kathryn is now 90 years old, and she did a great job of standing at that microphone and telling those wonderful stories. She didn't tell her usual ghost stories but the stories she did tell were hilarious. We were also entertained by a blue grass band by the name of the Dill Pickers. The only sad thing was the text message we received saying Auburn had lost to Arkansas. This just isn't their year. After grilled hamburgers for lunch and homemade icecream we said goodbye to the Busbys and headed back to Opelika. It was a very relaxing weekend and I wish it would last longer.
Here are a few pics of Muffin and Bo (Lee's parents labs)
Lee and Muffin

Bo and I

Bo (His paws are huge)


My next car

Monday, October 6, 2008


Lee and I went to Nashville this weekend to stay with our friends Andrew and Ashley. We left around 2:00 on Friday afternoon and arrived in Nashville (technically Franklin, TN) around 7:00. After a nice glass of wine ( I normally don't drink wine) we headed to the Big River Grill in downtown Nashville. I ordered the pizza...very good. After dinner we headed to The Big Bang, which is a dualing piano bar. It was so much fun. They even sang War Eagle, although the words were right but the tune of the song was not. There were a lot of Auburn fans there. We called it a night after two Bicardo Raz's. Saturday morning we got up for gameday and I had a feeling when Lee Corso picked Auburn that they might be losing. We ate lunch at the Sportsman grill and then headed to campus to tailgate. We were gonna try and get tickets but declined after finding out that the cheapest we could buy tickets were for $125 a piece. thanks. We then headed to Sam's Sports Bar and watched the game but couldn't pull the Tigers through so we headed to TGIFridays to grab some dinner and then went home for the night. Sunday afternoon we headed back home and took the interstate to avoid the Talledega traffic. We got back around 6:00 and unpacked. We had a lot of fun this weekend despite the outcome of the game and Vanderbilt had a very nice campus. I forgot my camera so no pics. Hope everyone has a great week.