Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm still alive

Yes I'm still here! Football season is in full swing and each weekend we've either had company or have been out of town. This past weekend I was freeeezing at the game. We really didn't get a break from hot to cold weather. It was the 3rd weekend in October and I had to pull out my scarf and gloves. And the poor tigers couldn't pull out a win. Oh well I guess it was time for Kentucky to win since I heard they hadn't since the 1960s.
This coming Sunday we are leaving for Charleston. I am so excited. It's time for a much needed vacation. We are staying on Kiawah Island with our friends Dallas and K. Dallas's parents own a house on the island and have graciously offered their house for free!
I hope the tigers can pull out a win against the other tigers. We will be at the 2nd annual Wileyween trying to pull them through.

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