Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Weekend

I have had a pretty good weekend so far. Friday, I got off work early around 3ish and came home and got laundry out of the way. Friday is laundry day. I got caught up on my lifetime movies that are saved on the DVR. Saturday I made Rotel dip and my sister Heather came over to watch the Auburn game. We made it to the game last week (thanks again Amy for the tickets) along with a funfilled day of tailgaiting but this week we were content with just watching it at home especially since it was such an early game. After it poured in Auburn it headed to Opelika soon after and I fell asleep in the fourth quarter. Last night, Lee and I went to Longhorn and used my birthday giftcard (thanks Dad). I swear there were at least 10 people celebrating their birthdays there last night. As soon as we heard the clapping we knew it was another one. Lee and I started counting after number 4. This morning we went to church and as soon as we got home I changed clothes and went outside to play with Mason. (He hasn't gotten a lot of play time lately as I have been having a lot of school work lately and just took my first test). Lee left not long after that to help my stepfather move a table and about five minutes later I tried to open the door to go back inside and realized the back door was locked. I was locked out! For what seemed like almost an hour was only 20 minutes according to Lee. He didn't realize I was still outside when he locked the door. Oh well, Mason can almost catch a frisbee now. I just took my first test and now I need to get out of the house so Mason is going to get a new collar. Maybe I will find him an Auburn collar. I hope everyone has a great week.

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