Sunday, February 22, 2009


This weekend Lee and I went to Nashville to visit some friends. It was K's birthday today so we celebrated it this weekend. We left Friday around 5:00 after we both got off work. We stopped to get gas before we left but didn't stop again until we got to Dallas and K's house. We were greeted by Lucy their boxer. After dinner we hung out for a while and went to bed around 1:00. I haven't stayed up that late in long time. Saturday after lunch while the guys went to play baseball, K, Ashley and I went to see Taken. It was such a good movie. I think I purchased the last ticket as I heard someone say it was sold out right after I signed my credit card receipt. We got in the theater and it was packed. We had to sit in the second row. It was such a great movie though. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Saturday night we went to Valentino's for K's birthday and then to the Tin Roof. We had fun there as well and they had a great band. We didn't leave until 2:00. After a quick stop at Steak N Shake we headed home and went to bed around 3:00. I definitely can't do that every weekend. I am getting old. Happy birthday K!

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