Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Equals New Beginnings

So it's 2010 and I haven't posted since October. Wow! Let's see....a few things have happened:
1) Lee turned 30 and I threw him a surprise party. He had no clue.

After playing golf in the cold weather he comes home to find everyone in the dark in the dining room waiting to yell surprise!

He loved the fact that I decorated the wall with baby pics of him- naked but and all.

"Just wait till you turn 30 Kari!"

2) We celebrated another Christmas together. We are now the proud owners of Band Hero and Super Mario on the Wii which by the way is more difficult than the Nintendo version. We stayed up until 1:30 the other night trying to pass another level on band hero. It's pretty much the same as Rock Band which I've never played though. We got booed off the stage twice due to the drums but in our defense it was a very fast song. Lee sticks to the guitar while I play the drums mostly. There are a few choice songs that we will sing though.

3) We celebrated another new years together with The Wiley's and The Maddox's with dinner at The Olive Garden and a night full of Wii playing. My arms were so sore the next day after sword fighting, bike riding, and canoe paddling.

4) I am leaving my current employer of 10 years! Yep you read that right. Since 1999 I have been working for the same office but I turned in my notice today. It was bittersweet but it is definitely time for a change. As of January 25th I will be a Medical Transcriptionist. I guess the course paid off. After 2-3 months I will be able to work from home! I am so excited and ready to begin my new career.

So that's mostly what's been going on in the Busby household. Bella weighs as much as Mason now and is only 7 months old.

That's Bella on the right. They were snuggling after a day of rain.

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