Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weather change and Twilighting

Ok so it went from one week. I have to admit I like the snow every now and then but I am thoroughly enjoying the sunshine today. I was very happy to put on my short sleeved tee today. This morning I met Lori at The Waffle House for breakfast and then Starbucks was calling my name and I still had money left on my giftcard to use. I am now taking a break from relaxing outside to post a pic of the pups from today. Mason finally settled down from running back and forth in the yard to let me take his pic. While they were napping, Lee has been golfing and I have been reading Twilight. I know I'm a little behind. I was a late bloomer with Harry Potter and now this. I am not far into the first book but I can't put it down. I had clothes that I needed to put in the dryer but I thought hey that can wait...just one more chapter and then it got to be three more chapters later...and the chapters aren't that short. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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