Sunday, July 11, 2010

Minute To Win It

Last night we attended a Minute to Win It party. I am so exhausted especially from Junk In The Trunk and Bite Me. In Junk In the Trunk you take an empty kleenex box filled with pink pong balls and tie them around your back with a belt. You have one minute to shake the balls out. The guys were better than the girls at that but definitely not at Bite Me. In Bite Me, there are various sizes of paper bags ranging from tallest to smallest. Using only your mouth and not touching the floor you have a minute to pick up the bags and place then on a table. The girls were def. better at this one! It was pretty funny to watch the guys try to tackle this task. There were a lot of other fun games too and we had a great time! My abs and legs are definitely feeling the heat today.

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