Sunday, July 11, 2010

MT Level II

So since my last post I got promoted to MT Level II which included a raise. I thought I would never reach this level. Two foreign doctors will do that to you. I have until December to become a level III and another raise. I hope I can do that soon too. Working from home is still going really good. If I want to take a break for a second I just go outside for a few minutes for some good Vitamin D, a quick pet of the pups, and then back to work. The Golden Girls and Who's The Boss also help the days go by fast as well. I still really like working for the hospital even though I'm at home. A few weeks ago I had to attend another orientation class there called On Stage which involved Movie Trivia. I must admit I felt like a complete dork jumping up and screaming out the answers, but hey I wanted to win movie tickets and they don't come cheap these days. Every question you got right you got to add your name to the bowl for the drawing at the end. There were 5 sets of movie tickets and my name was drawn last. I guess it does pay to watch movies.

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