Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One down

One down, 77 to go; weeks that is. 77 more weeks before I am done with school. It seems like a really long time, but hopefully I will finish early. They give you that much time, but you do the assignments at your own pace so you can finish early if you are able. I actually look forward to coming home and studying after work. I never thought I would say that. Not much is happening in the Busby household. It's thundering outside and Mason is barking at something. Who knows what it is. We went to see the Dark Knight this weekend, and I really liked it. We are excited about an upcoming trip to Charleston in August, which means two days off of work:)

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DeLine Family said...

Hey Kari! I found your blog through Amy King Wiley through April Miller Reed (don't you just love the blogging world!) I can't wait to keep up with you & yours...feel free to check out ours (knldeline.blogspot.com)!!