Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beach Bound

So tomorrow my office is heading to the beach. We work 1/2 day and then we are going to Destin. I can not wait. I love the beach. I'm almost finished packing and I bought a couple of cute outfits for the occasion. I laid out a little bit last weekend so I would have some sun and not get totally burned. I have to use the SPF 70 on my face in order for it not to burn. Once I got so sunburned, my eyes were swollen and it looked like Lee had beaten me. So I can't forget the sunscreen. I am looking forward to good food and good weather. The doctors pay for our trip so we get to stay in this awesome condo and all of our dinners are paid for!! I hope we have good weather but if not it's better to be at the beach with the rain than at work.

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