Monday, April 20, 2009

A-day weekend

This weekend was such a busy weekend. Our friends (all guys) from Nashville came to stay the weekend for A-day. Friday night I had dinner with Amy at Outback and had the oh so yummy cheesefries. I played chauffeur and drove the guys around. I got to drive a Hummer so that was a fun experience. Saturday morning the guys went to A-day while me and my mom went to see a movie. That night I played chauffeur again. Sunday after lunch and saying good bye to the guys I went shopping and bought a couple swimsuits and clothes for the beach next week. My office is going to Destin and I am so ready to go. I need some sun on this pale skin. Last night we went to dinner and then bowling with The Wileys and The Hares. It was a lot of fun even though I am horrible at bowling. It was a very exhausting weekend and today at work was just as tiring. There were several people out today. Anyway I still had a great weekend...but I have nothing planned for this weekend and I am so thankful.

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