Monday, June 8, 2009

A day at the Aquarium and cheesecake

This weekend, Lee and I decided we needed to "get away" after a long week. We just wanted to go somewhere for the day so we decided on the Georgia aquarium. We had been before but wanted to go back. I could just sit and watch the fish swim all day. Saturday morning we headed to Atlanta and got to the aquarium around 11:30. We walked through the exhibits and awed at all the different sea life: beluga whales, sting rays, hammerheads, whale sharks, sea otters. The sea otters were so cute. They were asleep for a while but finally woke up and swam with their toys. What an exciting life...sleep and swimming. We ate lunch and Lee realized that he left his debit card at the ATM when we got money out for parking. But luckily there were no suspicious charges on our account and we canceled his card. Anyway...our tickets also included a Titanic exhibit so after lunch we headed to that. The exhibit showed all the facts about the aquarium and different things that they collected from the ship. It was really neat. There was a "Survived and Lost" board. We had boarding passes that they gave us before entering so it let you know if you lived or died. Both Lee and I survived. I was a 24-year-old Italian woman who lived but her husband was lost. Lee was a 40 something year old perfume salesman who lived. They recovered the actual perfume sample bottles on the ship. After a fun day at the aquarium, we knew no day in Atlanta would be complete without The Cheesecake Factory. We knew if we each got a meal then we would be too full to eat cheesecake. Instead we split the fried macaroni and cheese balls and a slice of the 30th anniversary chocolate cheesecake. It was sooooo yummy! After that we headed home and just relaxed. It was a fun weekend and I'm glad we did it. On another note, Friday we went with the Wiley's to see Up!. It was such a cute movie, and after seeing it I wonder what Mason would say if he had a "talking" collar. You'll just have to see it to know what I'm talking about.


Chip, Allyson and Karlee Baker said...

Chip and I want to take Karlee but are afraid it will be really crowded on a Saturday. Was it very crowded when you were there?

The Busbys said...

Allyson, I admit it was pretty crowded. Maybe try a Sunday or during the week. It is so much fun and be sure and do the Nemo 3-D show. We didn't do it this time but have before. Karlee would love it I bet.