Friday, August 20, 2010

Work and Turning 30

So you're thinking wow 2 posts in 1 week...Lee has the TV right now watching a baseball game. I was happy that our cable bill did not have the baseball package on it which means our 4 easy payments are finished! Today I had to go into work due to internet problems. Not mine, the hospital's. At 8:30 I decide I'm probably going to have to go into work since I kept getting kicked out of my reports so I jump in the shower and attempt to look presentable and headed to work. There are def some advantages of working in-house as opposed to working from home. I can get a lot more done working in-house b/c you can't access facebook from the hospital (lol) and there's no TV or 2 dogs that would distract you. Secondly, the equipment is a lot more faster. At home, we have a C-phone that you have to dial into and sign off of once you get done with a report and when you are typing the report it doesn't show you how much longer you have. That is one thing I like about going into work....if you have a really long report you know exactly how much longer have you to type it. And then there's the human contact aspect of it. That was one thing I loved about my old job. I made a lot of really good friends working there and being there for 8 hours a day...we had a lot to talk about. On the other hand, I'm supposed to be typing and the other girls that had to come into work today are on P for P or pay for performance which means they get paid by the line and not by the hour. I'm still a Level II so I haven't reaced that yet.

On another note, I guess I'm looking forward to turning 30. A new decade hopefully full of great things. The first 30 have been pretty great so far. I've made a lot of great friends, married a great guy, and have a great job. Things are great! The inlaws sent me a birthday card with $50 in it...woohoo! I guess you're never too old for birthday presents.

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