Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Yesterday I only had to work 1/2 a day. I met Lee for lunch at Brick Oven and then plopped myself on the couch for the rest of the afternoon getting caught up on Grey's Anatomy on Netflex. Yep we have the instant que where we can watch from the wii on our TV. I love technology:) Anyway I have to say it was a very depressing afternoon. You will know what I mean if you watch the show. I watched Season 5 and if you are a fan you know what happens at the end of the season. Poor George. Anyway last night I watched the season premiere and while it didn't compare to last season's finale (what could?) it was pretty good. I love Fall TV! It's one of my favorite things about the season. The Apprentice is also in full swing and Dancing With The Stars. Add college football to that and you've got a great mix. (Even though last week's game nearly gave me a heart attack. I bet this one will be just as exciting. War Eagle!)

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Stef said...

I love Grey's too! I will be watching the season premiere while the hubs is at work, and Sam is napping tomorrow! I have Netflix too, but just suspended it with all of the new fall shows we just don't use it like we usually do.