Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Phone

I got a new phone today. It is an LG Ally Droid. I'm very excited. The hubs and I were both due for upgrades with Verizon and so we decided to jump out of our comfort zones with our boring, no apps, doesn't do anything but call and text cell phones and get a fun one. This has so many free apps and I'm so excited. The few I have downloaded are for useless facts, one for cheap gas finds, and a coupon one. It also has one for Pandora:) I will probably be working overtime tonight because of this....j/k. We both had $50 credits and $100 rebate each so that will help. On another note I had a pretty exhausting day. The tigers won big today and we supported them through 3 quarters. It was so hot. I have the pink nose to prove it I took it with my new phone.

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