Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving a lot of things right now and if you want to participate too go to Jaime's blog and play the blog hopping game!

1.  The weather. 

I've posted about this quite a few times lately.  The dogs love it too.  They just lay in the yard all day with their legs up in the air dreaming of maybe chasing a cat or burying a bone.  Sitting outside with them in the afternoons and reading a good book is great.

This is Mason about 2 years ago.  As you can see, he is thrilled to be sporting his Halloween costume from Target.  He did good to get the cape on.  No way was he going to cooperate and let me put the horns on.  Halloween is getting closer and he doesn't have a costume this year.  Maybe this year I can put his horns on him.  He is too sweet to be the devil though :)

This was taken last week of Bella.  I had just bought the toy and even though Bella hates to fetch she didn't want her brother to have it so she takes it and plops down.  And there's no getting the toy from her either.  As soon as you come within a foot of her she will take off.  Notice Mason is a lot skinnier than Bella.  Bella is a girl and is lazy.

2.  McDonalds Caramel Frappe and Monopoly game

These are so yummy and are much cheaper than Starbucks!

Like I'm going to win big but hey it's fun.  The hubs brought me lunch from McDs today.  Who could want more than a Caramel Frappe and fries.  We each one something.  Lee won fries and I won a breakfast sandwich.  We'll start somewhere!  Maybe we'll win big this year!  Oh well it's still fun to play.

3.  A Dog's Purpose
I am currently reading this book right now.  It's a little sad but such a sweet book.  The dog is the narrator.  It's fun to think of what Mason or Bella might be thinking.

4.  Hobby Lobby
I love this store and can spend hours in here.  I love making crafts and this place is awesome.  I am really into decopage now and their scrapbook paper isle is like heaven. 

5.  Auburn Football

The weather is perfect for football!

6.  VO5 Green Tea Shampoo
This makes my hair smell soooo good!


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Your puppies are such cuties!

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