Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top 5: My Week

1.) Pumpkin Spice Latte: Very yummy (see previous post). I just might have to venture out and get another one this week.

2.) Hobby Lobby: I just love this store and Saturday morning trips are the best. Whenever I'm headed to check out I always find more stuff that I need before I get there. It was Lee's fault I spent so long in the store. I had to take him somewhere before he went into work on Saturday a.m. and he asked if there was any way I could stay in the store for about an hour until his co-worker dropped him off there so I could give him a ride home.....Um yes!

3.) Spirit: Today I went to the movies and decided to check out Spirit afterwards. It's a Halloween store and they have tons of costumes and everything Halloween. They even had a life-size Michael Myers doll (scariest scary movie) in the back room that looked real and it played that scary music from the movie.

4.) War Eagle!: Lee and I headed to Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday to celebrate another Tiger win! War Eagle! I'm a little nervous about Arkansas though. I ate so much last night. I went through chips and salsa like I hadn't eaten in weeks and then a chicken finger wrap. My glass of wine really didn't go with that though. No wonder today I have heartburn.

5.) Coach Lee: Lee coached T-ball earlier this year and is now coaching fall baseball. He loves coaching and while we don't have any little leaguers yet I know he will coach them too. It might be a little different coaching your own child as opposed to other children though.

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