Sunday, October 3, 2010

Top 5: Weekly Reflections and Anticipation

So I decided to make a Top 5 for the blog. The Top 5 things I am loving about the week or looking forward to or just anything I feel like rambling about.

1. The Weather: I am loving the weather today. I bought the pups a new toy and some treats. I think they are loving the breeze outside too. I caught Bella last week in the yard with her legs in the air and her paws just a moving. Maybe she was chasing a cat in her dream. I might go for a walk later on. Maybe I should start walking in the mornings. I definitely don't want to after work.

2. My new phone: See previous post. I downloaded another app to see movie trailers for upcoming movies and also a list of new movies through next year. I'm like a kid at Christmas...what can I say?

3. Auburn Football: I love going to the games. The atmosphere is ausome (notice I didn't spell it correctly:)...) The hubs and I have the miniseason tickets which exclude Clemson (even though we went) and Georgia (maybe we'll go to that one too). This season has been very exciting so far! Hopefully they can pull out a win next week against Kentucky though last year was a different story.

4. Fall decor: Hobby Lobby is closed today but I might be making a trip next week to get some halloween decorations or a pumpkin...oh and some candy for trick or treaters. It's never too early for candy is it?

5. Outback Cheesefries: Friday, Lee and I went to Outback and even though I found out they are no longer giving the scratch off tickets, I devoured some cheese fries and it was worth it.

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