Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have read several blogs doing the 30-day Challenge from Katie's Journey (gosh this is would think that all I do is blogstalk all day!) I'm a little behind on the days so I'm trying to catch up.

Day One: Introduce, Recent Picture, 15 interesting facts

I'm Kari and I just turned 30 last month (OMG!)  I work at home (hense why I can blog stalk during the day) doing medical transcription.  Lee manages a rental car company.  We have been married almost 4.5 years and have 2 dogs who are our children for now. 

1.  I do not have anything pierced...not even my ears. 
2.  I am addicted to reality TV.
3.  I can do a clover roll with my tongue.
4.  I have never had a broken bone.
5.  I love Lifetime Movie Network.
6.  The last time I got the flu shot I got the flu.
7.  I have never seen Gone Wtih The Wind.
8.  My dream job for a day would be to have a bookstore/ cafe and I would read 
     the books all day.
9.  I have been to Disney World 6 times.  Each time it gets better.
10.  I love Disney movies.
11. I get mistaken for a teenager quite frequently.
12. I talk to my dogs like they are human.
13. My name is Kari and my dad is 1/2-japanese.  He was adopted but his last name
     before that was Yoki.  So just put the two together and you have Karaoke!  I just
     so happen to like karaoke too!
14.  I am ocd and check to make sure everything is unplugged twice before I leave the
15.  I am a confessed blog stalker and love reading new blogs.

Day Two: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

There really is not a meaning to the blog name.  Busby is our last name and busy was just something that was close to it....and we're busy hense the name The Busy Busbys

Day 3- Your First Love

I guess my 1st love would be my childhood dog Coco.  He was my 1st dog.  My sister and I got him as a Valentine's gift one year and he was such a part of the family.  He went through playing dress up without a complaint and ate our vegetables when our parents weren't looking:) He went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.  He is greatly missed.


A Southern Love said...

This is such a great idea for blogging! It really helps us get to know you! I may have to do this myself! :) We have alot in common! My husband laughs at me because I always check a rediculous number of times to make sure that we unplugged everything before we leave the house! It's so funny watching him laugh at me. But I can't help it! Call me crazy! haha I think that is so cute about your name and karaoke! I emailed you back by the way! :)

A Southern Love said...

I did a post awhile back called "Always, Sometimes and Never". You might want to check it out! You can do that one too! It was really fun to do and then being able to read about other people who did it was really fun too! Here is the link:

Have a great night! :)