Thursday, October 14, 2010

Challenge Day 4-My Parents

Ok if my mom saw this picture she would probably kill me.  This was taken in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World a few years ago.  Whenever we go I always to have to get a picture wearing a hat and I have quite a few actually from that trip.  Anyway, my mom is the best.  I can talk to her about anything.  We talk multiple times a day and she lives no more than 5 minutes away.  We actually "work" together.  She got me the job doing medical transcription for the hospital and when I say "work" together we work for the same hospital.  We both work from home!  I constantly have to call her to listen to a word I'm having trouble with or how to do a certain report.  We both love American Idol and America's Got Talent so we always talk after the show to get each other's feedback.  She has always been supportive of everything I have done in life and has always been there for me.......  This blog has mostly been about the good stuff in my life leaving out the bad.  This isn't really a bad thing but my dad and I don't really have a good relationship.  In fact, we don't really have one at all.  We talk on holidays to say Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving and our birthdays but that's pretty much it.  I had surgery a few weeks ago and he did come to see me in the hospital for that which I am grateful for.  Other than that we don't really see much of each other and we live about 20 minutes from each other.  My mom and dad divorced when I was 7 and my sister and I did the whole every other weekend thing but after that we just grew distant.  Both remarried.  I wish I had a better relationship with my dad and I have tried to call him recently but no answer.  Anyway enough of this sob story.  I have a great life and couldn't ask for a better family.


A Southern Love said...

I love this post! Your Momma seems So sweet! My Mom and I have a similar relationship! While we don't live near each other (which I do not like one bit) haha we still talk mutiple times a day! We text and even facebook! She is retired and since I'm not currently working, we are able to talk a good bit! I'm so thankful for our relationship! We watch shows too and call each other and compare notes! hahaha I'm so glad that you have such a sweet realtionship with your Momma! I really need to commit and do these "Day to Day" posts that so many of yall are doing!

Kit said...

This post is so sweet! I talk with my mom multiple times a day as well! We have not missed a day since I went to college 5 years ago.

Katie K. said...

Your momma is amazing!